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Costantly updated utility APIs for the Finance world, such as address normalisation, IBAN and VAT validation and interbank directory checks (such as BIC and Swift).

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Utility management module

LThe constantly updated Toolbox API makes it possible to centralise common functions that are used in multiple applications of an IT system.
ITPAY’s Toolbox guarantees a high level of software reuse and a centralisation in a single application module, in case of possible anomalies in software algorithms or additional integrations being required in line with business requirements.
Data validation (e.g. IBAN, personal tax codes, VAT numbers)
Checks on interbank directories (such as BIC and Swift)
Address standardisation
Lists of data domains (such as countries, provinces, cities and postcodes)
Different types of identification documents
Validity checks on identity documents
Transcoding data domains (such as ISO Alpha-2 and Alpha-3 country codes)

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