Customer management

Security & SCA approval

A module that integrates the world’s leading SCA providers and alternatively offers native plug & play solutions.

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Module for secure user authentication

This ITPAY module is integrated with the main players offering SCA products on mobile devices or Web applications and offers a native SCA system based on OTP sms and passwords
Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), i.e. customer authentication through a multi-factor system, is a requirement for online services that necessitate a higher level of security.
Suitable for banks and PSPs
The use of the SCA is a requirement under PSD2, both for bank payment services (such as SCT, SCT Inst, Target2 and Target2 cross-border payments) and for information services that require the exchange of confidential data (such as account balances or transaction lists).
Suitable for confidential information
SCA is also commonly used for services that require a high level of confidence in the identity of the other party, such as two-factor authentication.
Plug & play solution
A plug & play solution is offered natively, based on Push Notification and QR Codes and fallback via SMS. This solution is designed for companies that do not have their own Strong Customer Authentication system or do not require the services offered by an external Strong Customer Authentication system.

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