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PSD2 Hub Connector

AISP and PISP module that standardises integrations to the PSD2 API gateways on the market, providing full coverage of Italian and major European banks. Considered a must-have for TPPs (Third Party Providers).

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A module giving full coverage of the banks

The PSD2 rules allow for the business logic for PSD2 integrations (AISP, PISP, CISP) to be disintermediated from the technology integration logic towards ASPSPs and the related PSD2 gateways.
The objective is to standardise as much as possible the integrations towards PSD2 gateways in the market and banks directly, respecting the regulations of the Payment Systems Directive (PSD2, EU Directive 2015/2366).
Services delivered with Open Banking
Through the API software it is possible to exchange information between parties in a fast and open way, to improve or to create new digital products and services.
Payment Initiation Services – PIS
Banks and PSPs must be able to allow the initiation of an online payment through a payment service provider other than the one where the account is held.
Account Information Services – AIS
Banks and PSPs must be able to offer aggregated information on one or more online accounts, including those held at different institutions.
Card Issuer Service Provider – CISP
Banks and PSPs must confirm the availability of funds provided for payments made with debit cards issued by a different operator than the one where the account is held.

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