Platform core

Open Finance

A API-native set for managing data presentation with external channels and back-end applications, fully testable through a sandbox offered by ITPAY.

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A ready-to-use module for every business logic

ITPAY offer a set of over 300 APIs accessible via Swagger Open API, already configured and ready-to-use.
ITPAY Open Finance operates a native data caching system to reduce the workload on back-end systems, increasing performance and response times.
Ready-to-use native API
The single APIs are activated and documented thanks to a configuration system based on the Open API 2.0 specification.
It is possible to take advantage of the API gateway, based on Spring Cloud gateway, for the exposure and protection of the APIs themselves.
The available APIs also integrate other modules of the ITPAY platform or third-party applications that implement the required business logic.
Native sandbox
Thanks to these APIs it is possible to activate a series of features in just a few hours, configured and usable through ITPAY’s native sandbox as well as directly from the customer’s digital channels.
This permits a rapid Time to Market and guarantees parallel development on front-end channels and back-end systems, completely separating both integration logic and any new custom developments that are requested.
More features available
The set of native APIs provides functionality such as onboarding, user management, authentication and authorisation, payment management, transactional operations, notifications, monitoring, content management and much more.

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