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A technology platform for the world of Finance, available both as SaaS and On-Premises, essential for all ITPAY integrations. Developed as a cloud-native microservices model.

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Highly scalable and resilient module

This platform, particularly suited to the world of finance, is based on microservices and cloud-native technology.
The core is developed in Java, runs in a Spring Boot environment and the data model is optimised to be highly scalable and functional in the Fintech industry. The platform is compatible with the main relational databases on the market, such as MySql, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Mongo Db.
Enhanced security
Constantly updated technologies and architectural standards guarantee high platform stability and security.
Legacy Mode
This function allows the integration of the platform in those environments that are not technologically “up to date”, such as the use of Standalone Application Servers and non-cloud-native environments.
Standard DevOps
The adoption of DevOps standards for software development ensures automatic ‘one-click’ deployment processes.

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