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Configuration Module

API and web console for managing the configuration of software modules and data to be made available to the channels and digital applications that require them.

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Module for configuring data on single digital channels

Via the Configuration Module we offer a series of APIs for managing configurations to be made available on individual digital channels and other applications that require it.
You can make elements available in the form of elements strings, JSON or XML objects, multimedia objects or links.
Flexible customisation
This simple module allows the creation of complex applications with a high level of customisation.
Less time and risk
Time-consuming builds and deployments are dramatically reduced, reducing the risk of software attacks.
Multi-tenant web console
A console designed to be used by different stakeholders such as Business Owners and IT System Administrators.
Multilingual configuration, categories, and tags
For greater usability by client applications via the API, each element can be configured in multilingual mode and grouped into categories and tags.

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